Yamaha Snowmobile

Yamaha has been dominant in the racing scene for decades.  Their engines are recognized as the highest performing machines in the industry, hands down.  When it comes to their performance in the snow, the Yamaha snowmobiles for sale exhibit all the best qualities this brand has built its prestigious reputation upon.  They are rated #1 in reliability and it is no wonder their resale value is the highest in the industry.  Their current lineup gives Yamaha customers the competitive edge on the trail, the mountain, going cross country and with touring machines.

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Hit the Trail

For trail riding, Yamaha snowmobiles for sale give you fantastic options.  These include the new Apex SE which is the first sled in the business with all-air suspensions in front and back.  The dynamic Genesis 4-stroke engine has been recalibrated to deliver increased mid-range torque for more horsepower.  The 128” ripsaw track sports 1.25” studs and produces better acceleration whenever you hit the gas.  The FX Nytro RTX uses advanced fuel injection as part of the new performance package in its liquid cooled 1049cc 4-stroke engine.  Don’t overlook other trail machines from Yamaha that include the RS Vector GT and the Phazer RTX that is priced right for utility and fun.

Go Cross Country

When you want to leave the trails behind and head for uncharted territory, Yamaha snowmobiles for sale offer cross country models to meet your needs.  The FX Nytro XTX combines muscle with handling to create the highest performance in the lineup.  The robust 4-stroker offers 1049 cc’s of strength and comfort features like electric start, hand and thumb warmers and reverse.  The Yamaha Apex XTX comes standard with luxury features that start with the best engine in its class, the 998cc liquid cooled 4-stroke dynamo.  The long list of amenities make it the top-rated machine in the Yamaha lineup.

Climb Every Mountain

If hitting the slopes of your nearest mountains is what drives you, then the Yamaha Mountain series Yamaha snowmobiles for sale will be sure to please.  Longer tracks and studs on these sleds give you the tools to take the peaks and cruise the valleys with control.  The FX Nytro MTX SE 162 offers one of the longest tracks available and 2.5 inch studs to really dig into the snow on your way up.  The 1049cc engine gives you the power you require under mountain conditions.  For a high-value machine that still packs plenty of performance features try the Phazer MTX.  It’s is a sporty 4-stroke 499cc sled with a high fun factor and a low price point.

Tour and Explore

Yamaha also makes a group of 2-Up Touring machines that offer versatility and great utility.  The Yamaha RS Venture GT features independent double-wishbone front suspension and the large Yamaha 1049cc power plant.  It’s built for the trail with comfort features that include hand warmers and a back rest that can be moved and tilted.  The Venture Light easy to maneuver, with a zippy 499cc engine, room for 2, and an adjustable backrest for the passenger.  Other Yamaha snowmobiles for sale in this collection include the RS Viking Professional with a 152” trail track and the RS Venture that offers proven performance and reliability.

When you take a look at the Yamaha snowmobiles for sale, you’ll find it tough to choose the high-performer that you want to take you into the white stuff.  You’ll want them all – but match your needs to the features and your next Yamaha sled will soon be your favorite machine ever.